How to Prevent Distracted Driving?

Almost everybody is guilty of several types of distracted driving. As a matter of fact, you can see distracted drivers almost anywhere. If you don’t know who they are, keep on reading this article since Oklahoma Driving School will be providing you some information you need to know to assist you in driving more safely: 

Utilize your phones only for emergency purposes 

As you drive, a cellphone must solely be utilized for emergency purposes. If this happens, it is recommended that you safely pull over to the right corner to take that call.  Hands-free devices could even cause a driver to miss essential audio and visual cues required to prevent a crash.  

While driving, you should keep in mind that social conversations on the phone must not be done. Once you do this, you could be fined and ticketed provided that it is against the law in almost all areas.  

Pull off the road if you feel tired 

Drowsiness could boost the danger of vehicle crash by almost 4 times. It is proven in government research that 37% of the drivers in the United States have really fallen asleep or nodded off at least once throughout their career. If you start to feel drowsy and tired, it is best if you stop your car and get off the road. Never attempt to push yourself in getting home faster. 

Restrict the number of passengers and their activity in your vehicle 

Almost all countries’ law for graduated driver licensing does not allow teens to have a teenage passenger with them in the car on their early months of solo driving. Moreover, driving together with friends could make a hazardous driving environment since young drivers tend to focus more on their passenger friends instead of paying attention to the road.  

Do not eat while driving. 

Your busy schedule should not be an excuse for distracted driving. Sure, to finish your meal while you are on your way to school or work might appear to be a good choice to save time, however, it also indicates that you will be less attentive to other drivers surrounding you. One of the greatest distractions you can get while eating is when your food spills. So, as much as possible refrain from eating while you are on the road. 

Multitask outside of your vehicle 

Everybody spends plenty of their time inside their cars, and it might look like the best time to complete minimal tasks such as text messaging, looking for great music, or calling your friends. Never do it. Instead, pay attention to the road and your fellow drivers near you. Before you hit the road, make sure that you’ve settled everything.  

Those are only a few of many tips you can get from Tulsa Driving School. If you want to know more information or if you want to enroll in a private driving school Tulsa, visit our website now. You can also contact us directly through our designated phone number, which can be located on our site, and our representatives will respond to your inquiry any time.  


3 Things You Did Not Know about Microblading

Since having a nice pair of brows is the most essential feature of your face, it is worth it to have them look flawless and on fleek. Microblading is ideal especially if you have over-plucked eyebrows or you have sparse areas on your brows that you want to look fuller. Its outcome is similar to a permanent solution to the brows that you want for you to achieve the best “I woke up like this” look.  

Microblading is a technique that involves a process similar to a tattoo, where pigment is deposited into the skin’s top layer, in hair-like strokes to make the effect of super natural-looking eyebrow hairs. The microblading’s process basically would take for about two hours, which includes brow design and full consultation, with a result that lasts anywhere between six up to eighteen months later. However, there is more to the process than you may believe. The following are things you possibly did not know about microblading that you should know according to Seattle 3d brows.  


You cannot simply rock up and have your eyebrows done 

That’s one of the misconceptions upon considering microblading. There is an entire checklist that you need to take note of such as to evade alcohol for 24 hours before and after the session since it thins the blood and increases bruising, which results to a trickier microblading. Also, you need to stop taking you fish oil tablets for at least 4 days before and 3 days after since it also thins the blood resulting to excess scabbing that would provide patchy outcomes—this is also applicable for flaxseed oil and vitamin E, C. Moreover, must also prevent taking caffeine the day before and after the process to lessen the bleeding. Limit the use of tanning products and your sun exposure as well a week before and after the treatment.  


After the process is very intense 

Indeed, your eyebrows would appear super on fleek, and you will be able to wake up 15 minutes after with the perfect brows that you did not have to work for. However, there is also a lot of precautions that you should take. Your brows must never get wet for a week after the process, which also indicates that you could not exercise until at least 5 days after as well—this is a perfect excuse for those who are non-gym persons. 


The drier your skin is, the better the outcome 

With this, you can prevent moisturizing your brow area and drink less water leading up to the procedure for a couple of days before.  

To get the brow shape that you have always desired, it is best for you to consult to your specialist first before you try this procedure for you to discuss it to them before the process. Contact Microblading Seattle now for you to have an appointment for a consultation now and learn more about this great semi-permanent solution for your eyebrows. 


Top Excuses for You to Drive Safely Next Time

Being a good driver doesn’t mean that you can run the car or the vehicle very fast as this is not the measurement of being an excellent driver and owner. Tulsa driving school can teach you all the basic knowledge and ideas that you have to learn from driving to learning the different laws about the traffic rules and safety. It’s important that you need to be patient when it comes to being stuck in the middle of the traffic jam and the vehicles are moving slowly anywhere the city. As time passes by, the streets and the roads are getting busier than before and most of the places are now filled with different kinds and kinds of expensive cars. Oklahoma driving school will teach you all these principles

The next time that you’re stuck in the traffic and you’re having a hard time dealing with it, then you might think about the reasons for you to drive safely.


Running your car like a race driver would put yourself into dangers and there could be a lot of chances that you might cause a serious accident to other people. It means not only yourself but also the lives of others could be in danger and you might kill yourself and the other innocent people because of the reckless driving. If you’re still alive from this kind of accident, then you might go and see yourself behind the bars and you need to pay so much money to the victim. If you are in a hurry then you still need to think deeply if you are going to drive faster and the possible result of doing it in the future.


If you meet an accident, then you need to pay for the hospital bills and the repair of the cars as the insurance company would or not cover it. If you bumped to another car, then you have to handle the situation well and there is a chance that you need to pay for it and fix the damage. Don’t depend too much to the insurance company as sometimes they are too good to be true and they can’t handle the accident or situation so well and better ways.


We all know that driving the car can emit harmful gases to the air and it may cause pollution that can harm the immune system of the kids and people. If you would try to drive safely then you could save yourself from those victims of the harmful air pollution and be the reason to be blamed by other people.


Sometimes it is annoying for others that you are driving too slow or carefully even if you are thinking the safety only. But there are times that others would like you to drive well and a bit slowly to be safe. A driver’s Ed Tulsa professional will help you with all these.  


Risks Involved in Permanent Makeup and Microblading

Every cosmetic procedure has potential risks and permanent cosmetics as well as microblading are also included. It is very essential that you note all possible risks which are involved in permanent makeup and microblading before you undergo the procedure.

There’s much that you can do in order to decrease the risks of complications involving to the procedure. As a matter of fact, it is your own responsibility to make sure that you choose to hire a professional and reputable permanent makeup artist who is insured and licensed to practice in your place and whom you’ve thoroughly vetted.  

In addition to that it is your responsibility to do the aftercare recommendations given by the professional so you can have fun and enjoy the optimal outcomes with your new eyebrows or eyelashes. No matter how much you’re trying, there are sometimes unexpected results which may have been inevitable. This is the reason why it is vital that you know and understand the possibility of the said procedures so that you can make a decision on whether you’ll have that or not. The following are some differences of Seattle 3D brows and permanent makeup when you are talking about possible risks: 

  1. Removal

Removal isn’t much of a problem with microblading, provided that is just meant to partially permanent and in some perfect cases which only lasts up to three years. However permanent cosmetics generally stays more than three years in most people. Furthermore, this is the reason why it is very important that you don’t skimp on getting permanent cosmetics. It is a tattoo which may go on your face. Permanent cosmetics, on the other hand, is meant to enhance your physical features and look natural in a subtle manner however, cheap permanent cosmetics can go awry. Having said that, an inexpensive procedure may be cheap since they are using an ordinary tattoo ink and not the organic ones specifically designed for permanent cosmetics that are simpler to get rid or change than regular tattoo ink. 

  1. Infection

The most serious and common risk with permanent makeup is the transferring of infectious health diseases such as skin infections hepatitis and HIV caused by bacteria such as aureus, Staphylococcus. The use of unsterile equipment or needles is the primary culprit for transmission of harmful diseases. You should also make sure that you have your procedure at a licensed and highly reputable establishment which complies with the regulations on your place in order to reduce the risk of infection. Make sure to see an esthetician opening sterile tools and devices prior to starting the procedure. 

  1. Allergic Reactions

An individual may develop allergic reaction to nearly everything however, reactions to organic pigmentations are considered rare. You may also ask the hired professional what kind of pigments they will use and how they make sure their customers are not allergic reactions. 

  1. Dissatisfaction

The simplest way in order to make sure that you don’t regret your permanent makeup or microblading is a complete vetting process of the service provider who will do your procedure. 

Now that you know the risks involved in microblading, you have to make sure that you only trust a professional and experienced individual to perform it. Visit Microblading Seattle to know more about it. 



The Cleaning Service Company 

You are looking for an agency or a service company that can help you in keeping your house clean as you go to work and your children go to school. You don’t have enough time to spend for cleaning the house after eating your breakfast. As you went home you just wanted to relax and waiting for dinner to be serve. All you need is a cleaning services Boca Raton, if you are near in the Boca Raton then no problem for you, you can call them and ask for their service. 

You decided to just hire a house cleaner to keep your house clean and the furniture are in place. There are many agency or service company that can help you with your problem. All you have to do is choose the right and trust worthy one. It is a big investment for you, not only for money but also you are hiring a stranger to be inside your home. 

 Cleaning Service

These are some of the things you need to consider before hiring a house cleaner in an agency or service company; 

  1. Certified 

The company is certified in a sense that they are allowed to run a business like this. They must have a proper document that they can show you that they are running their business legally. It is your right to know if the service company is working without any secrets that will give you doubts in hiring a worker from them. You should consider this because this is a crucial part before investing with them. 

  1. Workers 

The workers must be professional and insured, also they must be expert in different type of cleaning since you wanted to hire for cleaning the whole house. The worker must be friendly and you are comfortable with their presence, in that being said they must be respectful and honest. You don’t want anything that will harm your family and you don’t want your furniture to be damage when you got home. They must be trained and they must have a certification and proof that they really trained for this kind of job. 

  1. High Rating and Well-suggested 

The must be rating of the company and the workers separately, by this you will have an idea on how they really do their work. The clients must have a chance to rate them and give some feedback to the services they offer. There is nothing more trusting if the service company is suggested by your family and close friends, they are the closest people you can ask for an advice. You can also ask the past clients or your neighborhood that currently invest in the service company. 

The best thing you will do is interview the worker if you decided to hire from a certain agency or service company. Do some double background checking because you are trusting you whole house by someone you never been with. It is not wrong for you to be meticulous in looking for a house cleaner it is your money and it is your property that you entrust to them.